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How to Mine Bitcoin at Home in 2024 5 Things You Need

Overall, Bitcoin mining is a competitive process and only profitable when the price of BTC is high enough to cover the costs of equipment and electricity and leave a profit. To start mining Bitcoin at home, one needs to obtain a Bitcoin wallet and a mining rig, install the Bitcoin mining software, and join a […]

How to Cash Out Bitcoin: Complete Guide

Some examples of the available play-to-earn games include Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Alien Worlds, Gods Unchained, etc. Since crypto is already cutting across and disrupting various industries, users are beginning to earn money in several unique ways. Gaming is one of the interesting industries that allows users to earn money. You can earn crypto assets […]

How to Mine Bitcoin: Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Earnings

Mining bitcoin on Android is a great way to learn about bitcoin and blockchain technology. To withdraw funds you’ll need a paper or software wallet for the relevant cryptocurrency. If you’ve been mining a number of different coins you can use MinerGate’s Changelly service to convert from more obscure currencies to mainstream ones like BTC. […]

How to Backtest a Trading Strategy Free Spreadsheet

Paper trading, as opposed to backtesting, takes slippage as well as order execution into account in real time. The emotional effect of actual trading is absent, therefore it might not accurately reflect market reality. Utilize the historical facts to put your stated strategy into action. To automate the process, use a backtesting trading software tool, […]

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