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Expanding the continuum of substance use disorder treatment: Nonabstinence approaches PMC

Lapsers who attributed their lapse to more controllable causes felt worse and more guilty; attributions did not otherwise moderate affective or efficacy reactions. AVE intensity was unrelated to amount smoked, length of abstinence, or performance of immediate or restorative coping. Temptations neither provoked an AVE nor enhanced self-efficacy in either lapsers or maintainers. Maintainers’ reactions […]

How Long Do Shrooms Last and Stay in Your System?

The onset, or period where a person can start feeling effects, is shortened to 15 to 30 minutes. Within an hour of consuming the elixir, you can except to peak for the next 90 minutes to three hours. After the peak, you’ll begin coming down for the next hour or so, normalcy setting back in […]

Explaining the Cycle of Addiction

To understand how addictive substances affect the brain, it is important to first understand the basic biology of healthy brain function. Within the brain, a mix of chemical and electrical processes controls the body’s most basic functions, like breathing and digestion. cycle of addiction Addiction alters the brain chemistry affecting the process of thought and […]

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