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Explaining the Cycle of Addiction

To understand how addictive substances affect the brain, it is important to first understand the basic biology of healthy brain function. Within the brain, a mix of chemical and electrical processes controls the body’s most basic functions, like breathing and digestion. cycle of addiction Addiction alters the brain chemistry affecting the process of thought and decision-making. The definition of addiction also includes strong references to denial, minimization and justification, all of which are primitive internal defense mechanisms.

Most addicts are oblivious to the cycle they’re trapped in and may not see the need to seek help. This cycle will continue unhindered until there is some professional intervention. This guide explains the addiction cycle and the stages of breaking the cycle. Denied users will not or cannot fully acknowledge the extent of their addiction. Denied users invariably make a secret deal with themselves that at some point they will try using again.

What Is the Addiction Cycle?

Executive function is directly involved in the decision to use substances and can occasionally override strong urges to use a substance. Eventually, from internal turmoil and conflict or through outside interventions, a person can try to stop the addiction cycle and enter a healthier lifestyle called recovery. It may take months, years or decades before this process leads one to the path of recovery. An addict or alcoholic may understand the cycle of addiction, but will remain unable to break the repetition of the cycle until they develop the insight to seek help. The cycle of addiction is created by changes produced in brain chemistry from substance abuse.

My concern, though, is that those who would believe me already understand addiction and can separate the illness from the individual. Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors. They think it is almost embarrassing to talk about the basics of recovery.

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This is also the time to deal with any family of origin issues or any past trauma that may have occurred. But they can be stressful issues, and, if tackled too soon, clients may not have the necessary coping skills to handle them, which may lead to relapse. Clinical experience has shown that occasional thoughts of using need to be normalized in therapy.

cycle of addiction

And to restore our sanity, collectively we must rethink how to navigate a dopamine overloaded world. These support groups can help reduce the sense of shame and isolation that can lead to relapse. Many support groups follow the 12-step model first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Withdrawals from different categories of drugs produce various side effects and require separate approaches.


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